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Materials to Guide Your Client Conversations

One of our goals is to make available everything we do in our own practice that might be of value to other advisors. Beyond the considerable resources we devote to providing our research and investment strategy on AdvisorIntelligence, we also share the communications we use to establish and maintain our client relationships. These educational materials range from the initial Investment Policy Statements to our quarterly investment commentary, client letter, newsletter, and PowerPoint presentation. 

Investment Policy Statements

We provide Investment Policy Statements for each of our portfolio strategies and update them quarterly. They include introductory and welcome letters, and detailed instruction on how to make modifications to them.

Quarterly Client Communications

The cornerstone of our communication strategy is our Quarterly Investment Commentary, a long-form letter to clients from Litman Gregory chief investment officer Jeremy DeGroot. Each quarter, we also share a shorter three- to four-page Client Newsletter and an even more succinct one- to two-page Client Letter, which we use in our own advisory practice as a report cover letter for certain institutional and individual clients.

Quarterly Client Communication Samples

Quarterly Client PowerPoint Presentation

Every quarter we construct a full slide deck supporting our model portfolios and investment views. In it, we review the previous quarter and recap our outlook for the next, in addition to providing insightful talking points on areas advisors are most likely to get questions about from their clients. It is fully customizable and includes a large appendix of optional charts, tables, and graphics curated by our Research and Data teams.

Quarterly PowerPoint Presentation

As subscribers, advisors are free to repurpose and redistribute these communications in their own practice as long as they adhere to our attribution and disclosure policy.


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